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Sustainability Reporting Initiative

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Maintaining a reputation for integrity and good corporate citizenship.

At Innergex, we want to make sure that all members of the Innergex team (including all employees, consultants and directors of the corporation) are aware of the expectations regarding their ethical behaviour. The Code of Conduct ensures that Innergex’s reputation for integrity and good corporate citizenship is maintained through adherence to high ethical standards, sets the standard for acceptable behaviour, and provides guidance as to our expectations for all employees, consultants, members of the Board of Directors and others when representing the Corporation. Innergex revises and updates its Code of Conduct on a regular basis (most recent update November 2021), and requires yearly recommitment to its contents by all permanent and part-time employees, Board members and regular contractors following a mandatory annual training covering, among others, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices, ethical standards, workplace environment free of harassment, violence and bullying, safeguard and promotion of human rights and whistle-blowing policies.

In 2021, 100% of Innergex employees completed a 3-module training program on ethical behaviour, consisting of a section on the Code of Conduct, a section on ethics, notably on matters of anti-corruption or insider trading, and a third one on respect and civility to foster diversity, inclusion and prevent harassment. The training modules are also part of new employees’ onboarding, in conjunction with the IT Security training program.

participated in the training program on the CODE OF CONDUCT and reaffirmed their commitment to uphold its standards

Human Rights

Innergex prioritizes its commitment to conducting business in a responsible manner.. We promote and encourage our core values and require that all executive decisions and employee conduct comply with applicable laws on fundamental human rights. We actively raise awareness on our Code of Conduct, policies, guidelines, and statements. Innergex also encourages the reporting of incidences that violate any internal policies and offers access to confidential legal consultation services as part of our commitment to employees. Innergex upholds legal and regulatory compliance and recognizes our employees’ right to Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining as per ILO Conventions C87, C98, C135, or similar international texts on union rights. We have one project in Chile with unionized employees.

Innergex is committed to respecting human rights in all jurisdictions where it conducts business. We require that all directors, management, employees, and third parties acting for or on behalf of the Corporation (“Innergex team members”) comply with the requirements laid out in this statement in all aspects of our business including procurement, decision-making, management and operations. When seeking to enter into an agreement for the supply of goods or services, Innergex requires the other party’s representatives to commit to complying with the terms of our Statement. No violation of human rights will be tolerated by or within Innergex and we condemn all forms of harassment, intolerance and abuse.

We all have a responsibility and part to play in ensuring that all stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect. Innergex supports the principles contained in:

Innergex is a signatory to the Solar Industry Forced Labor Prevention Pledge which opposes the use of forced labour within the solar supply chain. We are committed to helping ensure that the solar supply chain is free of forced labour and to raising awareness within the industry on this important issue. To assist in these efforts, we support the development of an industry-led solar supply chain traceability protocol as a tool for identifying the source of primary raw materials and inputs and tracking their incorporation into finished products, including solar modules.

EthicsPoint, a service offered in English, French and Spanish to all employees, is a comprehensive and confidential online reporting tool that enables them to safely communicate issues and concerns associated with unethical or illegal activities with management or the Board of Directors while maintaining anonymity if desired. Innergex takes all necessary steps in order to protect the interests of all concerned persons who report a breach in good faith. The Complainant will be subject to the provisions and protections outlined in the Innergex Whistle-Blowing Policy. No disciplinary measures will be taken against an Innergex team member because he or she reports an incident or cooperates with an investigation in good faith.

Incident Reporting

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Cases reported 0 0
Cases resolved 0 0
Actions taken 0 0
Human Rights complaints 0 0


Information security is an essential function that allows us to conduct our daily business activities with the confidence that our perimeter is properly protected. Our Information Technologies (“IT”) department employs a comprehensive cybersecurity program guided by IT Security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines which frame the protection of all Innergex assets and work diligently to promote an internal culture that educates employees and promotes awareness.

The Cybersecurity Program is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) cybersecurity framework and factors in the regulatory obligations contained in NERC. It is a risk-based approach designed around five primary objectives: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. The program establishes information security requirements and controls for the protection of all Innergex information and system assets. It includes a three-year cybersecurity roadmap to ensure constant strengthening of risk posture to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of cybercrime. An important component of the Cybersecurity Program is the User Awareness Training. It ensures that all employees are aware of the risks involved in the online management of our business, especially since a considerable portion of it is done remotely due to the nature of our activities.

All employees must acknowledge having read and commit to complying with the corporate Information Security Policy to ensure an understanding of information security risks, their personal responsibilities at Innergex, and how to react should a situation occur. All Innergex team members must comply with an adherence to cybersecurity regulation and we undertake thorough yearly security verification activities including, but not limited to penetration testing, ITGC testing, internal audits, and phishing campaigns. Additionally, cybersecurity maturity assessment and risk posture are reviewed periodically. The Audit Committee periodically receives reports on security posture and cyber risk management. In 2021:

  • No complaints linked to disclosure or breaches of customer privacy
  • Approximately 675 hours of training for employees in security assessments
  • 6 cybersecurity awareness training events held for employees


Shareholder Interests

Innergex follows the principle of one share one vote when carrying out Board matters.

The Majority Voting Policy stipulates that, in an election of directors, any nominee who receives a greater number of votes withheld than votes in favour of their election must tender his/her resignation to the Board immediately following the shareholders meeting. Under this policy, the Board shall accept the resignation absent exceptional circumstances. A director who tenders his/her resignation pursuant to this policy will not participate in any meeting of the Board at which the resignation is considered. The policy does not apply in circumstances involving contested director elections.

In 2021, we hosted an Investor’s Day event to provide an update on the Corporation’s current position and its future direction. The executive team shared an in-depth view on our financial results, our development and market analysis strategy, and our approach to sustainable development, followed by a question period. The event was positively received, and we look forward to engaging with our investors and analysts more in the future.

The Board believes in the importance of open and constructive dialogue with shareholders. The Shareholder Engagement Policy outlines how the Board and Management may communicate with shareholders, how shareholders can communicate with the Board, and provides an overview of how Management interacts with shareholders. Shareholders may communicate directly with the Board anytime by email at

In 2021, Innergex individually met with over 100 existing and potential institutional investors, attended 8 investment conferences, and held its first Investor’s Day