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Our core asset.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2020, we remain grateful of the contributions our employees make everyday to build a better world. Innergex believes in offering an engaging, inclusive and supportive work environment where each team member can thrive. We are keenly aware our success is generated by the energy our team puts into every challenge and opportunity to effect positive change.

We strive to create a corporate culture that encourages our employees to not only get involved and drive opportunities, but lead with integrity while acting responsibility. Fostering an environment of inclusivity and diversity is one of our greatest assets as it drives collaboration and innovation. Supporting and encouraging individual growth creates the workforce of tomorrow that proactively engages in today’s challenges.

By investing in our greatest asset, we nurture a positive workplace culture that creates long-term value for our stakeholders and shareholders. No matter what field they excel in, they all share a common vision that balances People, our Planet and Prosperity.

Workforce Data

As at December 31, 2019

Female Male TOTAL
By Employment Type
Full-Time 100 217 317
Part-Time 1 9 10
By Employment Contract
Permanent 96 215 311
Temporary 5 11 16
By Region
Canada 92 201 293
USA 3 14 17
France 5 10 15
Chile 1 1 2
TOTAL 101 226 327

Compensation and Benefits

Our Human Resources team works hard to ensure the benchmarking of our compensation and benefits remains in line or above that of our industry peers. By offering fair compensation, attractive working conditions, a generous benefits package, a safe and inclusive working environment, a good work/life balance, fair and equal treatment and opportunities for advancement we are able to attract and retain a skilled and passionate workforce.

  Canada United States France
Base salary
Life insurance
Short- and long-term disability coverage
Extended health care
Sick days and personal days
Vacation time beyond statutory requirements  
Group registered retirement savings plan with employer contributions  
Employee share purchase plan  

Full-time employees
Part-time employee
Fixed term employees with contract of two years or more
Fixed term employees with contract of less than two years

In 2019, Innergex paid out

$38 million in employee wages and benefits

Employee retention

Innergex takes great care to create an environment where people are engaged, feel safe, and remain passionate about carrying out their daily activities. Upon recruitment, onboarding is initiated immediately to ensure new employees are as fully prepared to begin their first day at work. Support, recognition, training opportunities and career development follow an employee throughout their time at Innergex. Retaining key talent is a long-term strategy that ensures the continuity of our knowledge base and grows upon the challenges and opportunities we experience.

By offering opportunities for advancement, training, and a safe workplace rooted in respect and collaboration, we have benefitted from the experience and knowledge of our team of experts.

In 2019, there were

48 employees

with at least

10 years of tenure at Innergex

Training and Development

Supporting our employees with the tools necessary to advance their knowledge in their respective field of expertise is integral to moving Innergex forward and one of the smartest investments we can make. Innergex offers its team both internal and external learning opportunities to allow them to reach their personal and professional goals.

Innergex also offers the decision makers of tomorrow experience through paid internships while they complete their studies. Not only do our internships introduce a new generation to the many possibilities in the renewable energy sector, but they also expand our succession planning opportunities by showcasing the benefits of working with a respected and growing industry player.

Average Hours of Training Per year Per Employee

As at December 31, 2019

Female Male COMBINED2
Senior Management1 40 24 30
Middle Management 62 28 44
Professionals 44 37 40
Administration 46 10 43
Operations 11 33 32

1 Management team in this report includes the officers and the senior directors.
2 Combined is the total average number of hours of training per employee in that specific category.

In 2019, Innergex became a signatory in


to work towards equal pay, equal leadership
and equal opportunities for women in clean energy sector by 2030

Diversity & Equality

Innergex is an equal opportunity employer that values each person’s unique background, diversity, experiences, perspectives and talents. Innergex is committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment and bases all employment decisions on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications. The key to our success as a global corporation is to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.

Our commitment to gender equality is increasingly being reflected by the increase of women on our Board of Directors, in officer and other management positions, as well as by our memberships and commitments to gender equality campaigns.

The guidelines in our Policy Regarding Board Diversity extend to our employees. We value diversity of gender, ethnicity, nationality, and other attributes, and are committed to ensure that the recruitment of the best available potential candidates is made without discrimination, while encouraging diversity.

Gender Diversity by Age Group

As at December 31, 2019

Age Female Male Total
30 and under 8 31 39
31 to 50 69 139 208
51 and over 24 56 80

Gender Diversity in Management

As at December 31, 2019

  Female Male
Officers 7 19
Other Management 32 38

Promoting equal opportunities for a more balanced workplace. In 2019,

26% of our officers were women

and women also made up

46% of other management positions

Equal remuneration for Women and Men

Innergex seeks employees who share our culture and strong work ethic and offer them fair wages and generous benefits. We have created a corporation-wide salary structure using a point-factor method that allows us to determine the appropriate salary bracket for each position within the Corporation, with the exception of officers whose compensation is determined by the Board of Directors. Within each bracket, we determine pay equity by taking into account additional factors, such as employees’ seniority and education.

Factors that influence position of job classification include:

  • Qualifications required – training, experience, skills
  • Responsibilities assumed – accountability, responsibility, supervision
  • Efforts required – intellectual, physical, concentration and sensory attention
  • Working conditions – physical and psychological environment

Pay equity ratio Women to Men

As at December 31, 2019

Canada  Base Salary Remuneration
Senior Management 98% 94%
Middle Management 97% 95%
Professional 101% 101%
Administration 102% 102%

Note: Officers and other vice presidents were excluded from this table as their compensation is determined by the Board of Directors.
Note: Operations and Other Operations have been omitted from this table as there were no figures to report due to there being only one gender or no employees reportable in each jurisdiction.
Note: Due to low number of employees operating in the United States and France, providing their ratios in this chart is not possible at this time.

Innergex believes in equal pay for work of equal value and will continue to work toward achieving the best ratio possible.

In 2019,

30.8% of employees at Innergex were women

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Our achievements at Innergex are accomplished together and so is our safety. We look out for each other, understand our responsibilities and listen to each others’ concerns. Promoting safe and secure working environments for all our employees, contractors and suppliers is paramount to our daily operations.

Our extensive Health and Safety processes, guidelines, and procedures are designed with the realities of working both in an office, and due to the nature of our business, remotely. They are based not only on our experiences and expertise, but on legal requirements as well.

In 2018, the Board of Directors formally adopted the Environment, Health and Safety Policy, a long held internal policy that outlines Innergex’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees across all locations, as well as for contractors performing work on-site, visitors and neighbours.

Our internal Operational, Health and Safety program is modeled after the BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard and provides extensive training programs for our staff and facility operators. Our operations team conducts its work in challenging rural and remote areas throughout all weather conditions. All facility operators and on-site operations and maintenance employees have access to and are trained on the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Control measures are also in place to investigate incidents and near-misses and implement corrective actions to reduce the chances of a similar incident from re-occurring. These programs are also designed to comply with applicable regional and federal laws and government regulations.

At our offices, we offer employees one-on-one consultations with ergonomic experts to ensure their workstation set-up allows for maximum health benefits. Innergex supports wellness initiatives that offer employee perks, such as ergonomic workstation assessments including installation of stand-up workstations, retractable keyboards, and ergonomic chairs, as well as yearly on-site flu clinics, and other activities.

Furthermore, the design of our offices aims to evoke a sense of inclusion and community by providing spaces for our employees to get together to share ideas, nourishment and experiences.

All employees also have access to a comprehensive, interactive, online employee family assistance program (EFAP) as well as health and wellness services all in a secure, easy-to-use, personalized environment.

In only its second year, we expanded the Stair Challenge to our Vancouver Office in the fourth quarter of 2019. This initiative promotes physical health and well-being by encouraging employees to climb the flights of stairs to the 10th floor in the head office in Longueuil or the 11th floor at the Vancouver office. Additionally, for every climb, Innergex donates $3 into a pool that accumulates and is delivered to a charity at the end of the year. Not only are we promoting a healthier work environment, we have also increased the money raised that goes to the Heart and Stroke Foundation every year through this initiative. We look forward to expanding the program in our Vancouver office to promote greater health.

In 2019, our employees raised

$7,051 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Corporate Emergency Response Plan

Our Corporate Emergency Response Plan identifies potential environmental, health and safety emergencies and includes appropriate actions to respond to such situations. This plan, as well as the Site-Specific Safety Plan, are available at each facility and in each Innergex office as well as on the Corporation’s intranet network. Our Operations, Health and Safety team works diligently to ensure the health and safety of all our employees through education, training, monitoring and one-on- site visits.

Engaging employees

We engage in a three-steps performance assessment process throughout the year: objective-setting, mid-year review and year-end assessment. This is an opportunity for managers and employees to discuss expectations and performance and it provides a valuable feedback process for employees to improve their performance and engagement and to pursue their professional development.

At the beginning of every year, all employees undergo an Annual Performance Assessment to review performance and career development. This aids the personal development of individual employees. It also contributes to skills management and to the development of human capital within the organization while enhancing employee satisfaction.

In 2019 we conducted our first employee survey to measure employee feelings towards the Corporation. The survey, administered by an independent third-party, was open to all full-time permanent or fixed-term employees. Answers were kept anonymous and confidential and we were extremely happy with the level of engagement. The responses provided insight as to what we are doing well and where we can make improvements.

Rates of Injury, Occupational Disease, Lost Days and Total Number of Work-Related Fatalities

As at December 31, 2019

Injury Rate1 Occupational Disease Rate2 Lost Day Rate3 Work-Related Fatalities
Operators 3.97 0 64.984 0
Office Employees 0 0 0 0

1 The injury rate is the number of injuries resulting in Medical aid and Loss time accident per 100 employees.
2 The occupational disease rate is the number of occupational diseases per 100 employees.
3 The lost day rate is the number of calendar days lost due to a work-related injury or disease per 100 employees.
4 The injury rate between 2018 and 2019 has remained stable; however, the lost day rate has increased significantly because there were three injuries which resulted in long absences – in one case for 141 days. Overall, these three injuries were responsible for 87% of the total number of lost days incurred in all of 2019. Each injury has been thoroughly investigated and recommendations have been implemented to prevent similar incidences from reoccurring.

Note: Numbers reflect only Innergex employees and contractors.

Target: Zero lost days due to injuries

In 2019, we conducted our first employee survey and had

a response rate of 84%

Human Rights

Innergex takes its commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner very seriously. We promote and encourage our core values and require that all executive decisions and employee conduct comply with applicable laws on fundamental human rights. We actively raise awareness and hold information sessions on our Code of Conduct, policies, charters, guidelines, and statements with employees. Innergex also encourages the reporting of any incidences that violate any internal policies while offering access to legal consultation services as part of the employee benefits. According to Innergex’s corporate culture, we are committed to legal and regulatory compliance and we recognize our employees’ right to the Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining as per ILO Conventions C87, C98, C135, or similar international texts on union rights. However, none of the employees of Innergex have expressed the desire to join a union to date.

Innergex is committed to respecting human rights in all aspects of its activities and irrespective of the geographical location where it conducts business. We require that all directors, management, employees, as well as third parties acting for or on behalf of the Corporation (“Innergex Team Members”) comply with the requirements laid out in this statement in all aspects of our business including in procurement, decision-making, management and operations. When seeking to enter into an agreement for the supply of goods or services, Innergex Team Members should seek to obtain a commitment to comply with the terms of our Statement from their representatives. No violation of human rights will be tolerated by or within Innergex and we condemn all forms of harassment, intolerance and abuse.

Our policy, which supports the principles contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, acknowledges that we all have a responsibility and part to play in ensuring all stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect.

Read our Statement of Principle – Safeguard and Promotion of Human Rights.

Ethical and Accountable

Words and actions have consequences. This commitment to hold ourselves and others accountable for behaviour and actions that conflict with our Code of Conduct is shared by all our employees. On top of being encouraged to report any concerns to their immediate or department manager, in 2017, Innergex implemented an easily accessible third-party service to report any suspected misconduct, violation of law, activity that conflicts with the Code of Conduct, unethical or potentially damaging actions to the corporate reputation. The 24-hour Ethicsline is a tool that allows an employee to anonymously, or not, report any concerns, any time.

Career Opportunities

Innergex is an equal opportunity employer that values each person’s unique background, diversity, experiences, perspectives and talents. Innergex is committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment and bases all employment decisions on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications. The key to our success as a global corporation is to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.


Innergex’s policies are designed to guide the Corporation and its employees to ensure compliance in all aspects of its business. These policies ensure the sustainable growth of the Corporation through supporting employees with information-sharing and training, providing transparency with shareholders and the public, and clearly laying out the Corporation’s vision for ethical and acceptable behaviour. Policies relevant to this section include:

Please note: All data in this page are for the year ended December 31, 2019. Calculations and metrics do not include 83 employees at Energía Llaima, a Chilean renewable energy company that Innergex has a 50% ownership stake in as it is managed as a separate entity.

Please note: On May 23, 2019, the Corporation announced completion of the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Magma Energy Sweden A.B., which owns an equity interest of approximately 53.9% in HS Orka hf, owner of two geothermal facilities in operation, one hydro project in development and prospective projects in Iceland. As a result, they are not included in this document.