Sustainability Reporting Initiative



A growing global presence.

Accomplishing our strategic goal of expanding our international presence was realized in 2016 with initial acquisitions of high-quality wind assets in France. Since that time, we have grown significantly with more presence in Europe, the United States and a new foothold in Chile. By diversifying our portfolio both in types of energy sources and geographical markets, we have better positioned the Corporation to deliver more value to our shareholders, stakeholders and employees. Additionally, we have significantly increased our generation of renewable energy and opportunities for further expansion in growing markets. Bringing renewable energy to new regions is good for the planet, and we believe that our approach can hasten the acceleration to a low-carbon economy.

Human Rights

Innergex takes its commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner very seriously. We promote and encourage our core values and require that all executive decisions and employee conduct comply with applicable laws on fundamental human rights. This includes considering, when selecting international suppliers, a variety of human rights factors that could be embedded in the procurement of materials or services. Innergex also encourages the reporting of any incidences that violate policies while encouraging the flagging of potentially sensitive international situations involving the Corporation.

Read our Statement of Principle – Safeguard and Promotion of Human Rights

Diversity & Equal Employment

Innergex celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive, healthy and safe environment for all employees. Employment decisions are based on qualifications, merit and business need. We believe in the importance of protecting the human rights of individuals belonging to specific groups or minorities and make no discrimination on the basis of origin, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, nationality, social background, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, trade union membership or activities, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. Diversity and inclusion among our team is essential to our success and we will continue to recruit the most skilled individuals from a diverse talent pool.

Gender Diversity by Age Group

As at December 31, 2018

Age Female Male Total
30 and under 8 26 34
31 to 50 52 144 196
51 and over 17 50 67

Excluding HS Orka and Energía Llaima.

Gender Diversity in Management

As at December 31, 2018

  Female Male
Officers 6 25
Other Management 29 52

Excluding HS Orka and Energía Llaima.


Innergex’s policies are designed to guide the Corporation and its employees to ensure compliance in all aspects of its business. These policies ensure the sustainable growth of the Corporation through supporting employees with information-sharing and training, providing transparency with shareholders and the public, and clearly laying out the Corporation’s vision for ethical and acceptable behaviour. The policies are reviewed on an annual basis and updated accordingly.

Please note: On May 23, 2019, Innergex completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Magma Energy Sweden A.B. which owns an equity interest of approximately 53.9% in HS Orka hf (“HS Orka”). The activities of HS Orka included two geothermal facilities, one hydro project in development and prospective projects in Iceland and are now treated as discontinued operations. As a result, they are not included in the Sustainability Reporting Initiative.

Please note: In 2018, we invested in Energía Llaima, an independent entity located in Chile. This corporation has an autonomous daily management. As a result, data for Chilean staff is not included in the Sustainability Reporting Initiative.