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Sustainability Reporting Initiative

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We help drive socio-economic opportunities with strategic investments

The long-term sustainable investments we undertake go beyond helping jurisdictions transition to a carbon-neutral economy. An important aspect of Innergex’s development strategy is sharing the wealth it generates with the communities where it conducts its operations. Working with governments, NGOs, community organizations, and educational institutions, we provide funding and expertise to ensure that our commitments not only have an impact on today but contribute to a community’s long-term success by balancing social, environmental, and economic considerations.

Infrastructure Investment

Innergex’s facilities have long-term economic impacts that often extend beyond the requirements and commitments we disclose. Investing in new or upgraded infrastructure initiatives helps build the long-lasting relationships that Innergex has long been recognized for. Whether upgrading or developing new roadways, bridges or parking lots that help access natural areas, Innergex has not only invested in local projects that immediately benefit the local community on a day-to-day basis, but also support their economic growth.

Legacy Projects

Our long-term relationships with the communities that host our facilities are an important aspect of our development strategy. Priorities are given to legacy projects that have the ability to act as catalysts for further economic development initiatives. Some major investments over the years have included a pedestrian suspension bridge, the creation of a kayak park, and the development of a nature trail.
These initiatives not only bring a sense of civic pride but are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike while maximizing outdoor recreation and promoting a clean environment.

Project Amount Contributed Location
Rutherford Creek Kayak Park Approximately $600,000 in construction and facility upkeep for 20 years British Columbia
Cascade Falls Suspension Bridge $225,000 British Columbia
Friendship Trail Bridge $500,000 British Columbia
Support free shuttle services carrying canoes upstream on the Portneuf River $8,000/year for the life of the project Quebec

Tax Revenues

Innergex’s presence in four countries generates substantial tax revenues through land use, construction and operational activities, and day-to-day business activities, in the jurisdictions in which they operate. Innergex continues to engage in responsible tax practices and provides transparency to both its shareholders and applicable regulatory bodies. In each jurisdiction of operation, our tax compliance obligations are prepared using audited financial statements and filed by external consultants. The financial statements are audited by an independent third-party and presented on a quarterly basis and each year at the Corporation’s Annual General Meeting in May.