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Sustainability Reporting Initiative


We work hard everyday to build a better tomorrow and are eager to share our story.

Innergex is committed to being transparent and accountable in all aspects of its business activities. We are proud of our successes and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Our 3 P’s philosophy guides our development and growth strategies and follows a commitment that our projects are accepted by host communities, respectful of the environment, ethically governed, and economically viable both for us and our stakeholders. It’s about building the better world of tomorrow with projects that strike a balance between social, environmental and economic considerations. Ultimately, it’s about acting responsibly.


We recognize that our success is the result of our talented and passionate team. Offering fair compensation, attractive working conditions, a safe working environment, fair and equal treatment, as well as opportunities for development, are high priorities for us.

Our Planet

By committing to producing energy exclusively from renewable energy sources, we harness the forces of nature in a way that meets today’s electricity needs without compromising the quality of life of future generations, while leading the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.


Social acceptance is at the core of our development strategy. We work hard to nurture long-lasting relationships and recognize our responsibility to help bring socio-economic opportunities to rural and Indigenous communities.


Innergex is governed by a highly experienced and ethical Board of Directors that integrate sustainability considerations in all aspects of its duties. It oversees the management of the Corporation to ensure its resources are being managed in a manner consistent with shareholder value enhancement, ethical considerations, and stakeholders’ interests.