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Innergex’s ESG contributions are helping
to build the better world of tomorrow.

Innergex’s goal is to be a responsible global corporation that generates real, tangible solutions to issues that affect us all. Our success in addressing environmental challenges while providing sustainable economic opportunities is proof that we are on the right course. Innergex’s Sustainability Reporting Initiative outlines our efforts within the frameworks of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) as well as the Sustainability Standards Accounting Board (“SASB”). In 2021, we made our first submission in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Innergex uses these frameworks to report on our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) efforts in an easy to read and transparent way.

Our mission is to build a better world with renewable energy. It is increasingly important to report on our ESG performance to better inform investors, the public and other stakeholders on our priorities, successes, and challenges. As a corporation producing renewable energy exclusively, we generate societal benefits in the product we produce and are also keenly aware of the many emerging challenges that require addressing. 


Sustainability Report 2022