Sustainability Reporting Initiative


Guiding the Corporation and its employees to ensure compliance in all aspects of its business.

These policies ensure the sustainable growth of the Corporation through supporting employees with information-sharing and training, outlining our environmental responsibilities, providing transparency with shareholders and the public, and clearly laying out the Corporation’s vision for ethical and acceptable behaviour. The policies are reviewed on an annual basis and updated accordingly.

Innergex’s Code of Conduct sets the standard and provides guidance as to our expectations for all employees, officers, consultants, members of the Board of Directors and others when representing the Corporation. Its purpose is to provide guidelines to ensure that Innergex’s reputation for integrity and good corporate citizenship is maintained through adherence to high ethical standards, backed by open and honest relations among employees, shareholders, directors, officers, suppliers, host communities, partners and other stakeholders. Innergex revises and updates its Code of Conduct on a regular basis (most recent update completed November 2020) and provides copies and training sessions on its content each year to all employees and directors.

In 2019,

96% of employees returned affirmation declarations

that they had read, understood, and committed to the values contained within the Code of Conduct