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Our relationships drive our success.

With the experience we have gained in the renewable energy sector, we strongly believe that responsible and successful energy development is driven by the will of host communities. Innergex has gained a reputation as a partner of choice for both local municipalities and Indigenous communities looking for a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable collaborator to develop, construct and operate a renewable energy project. We are certain that these collaborations are an indispensable part of the future of renewable energy generation.

Indigenous Communities

At Innergex, being a partner of choice for Indigenous communities across Canada on renewable energy projects is something we take great pride in.

Our model is based on the belief that building lasting relationships and sharing the economic benefits of our projects not only creates wealth and future opportunities in Indigenous communities, but is a path to reconciliation.

Our ability to understand and adapt to each community’s individual needs has been a hallmark of how we approach each project. Whether it be through shared economic benefits, employment opportunities, shared ownership, partnership agreements, event sponsorship, community investment or becoming involved in community associations, we recognize our responsibility and opportunity to help bring socio-economic development to local and Indigenous communities. Designed with clear expectations, our partnership arrangements are based on open lines of communication, respect and often act as a catalyst for sustained prosperity and independence.


Innergex is among the first independent renewable energy producers in Canada to understand the value of partnering with municipal governments to share in the wealth generated through clean, local energy generation. Especially when our projects are located far from major urban areas, they offer a long-term source of revenue that is injected back into municipalities to build further capacity, create jobs and add value to their economies. Our first such project, the Viger-Denonville community wind farm in Quebec, has been in operation since 2013 and will continue to share the value generated by the facility with the Regional County Municipality of Rivière-du Loup annually throughout the duration of the 20-year power purchase agreement.

Giving Back

Innergex prides itself on being a responsible corporate citizen. Establishing and maintaining a local presence in the communities where we operate is an important aspect of our development strategy. Each year, the Corporation supports many initiatives in the environmental, economic, health, and educational categories. Innergex stays active in various projects that reflect its values and development priorities, as well as various Indigenous, local and regional community initiatives. Investing at the grass roots level in these communities can oftentimes bring about positive social change.

In 2018, we were proud to have supported over 120 organizations.

Legacy Projects

Our long-term relationships with the communities that host our projects are an important aspect of our development strategy. Priorities are given to legacy projects that have the ability to act as catalysts for further economic development initiatives. Some major investments over the years have included a pedestrian suspension bridge, the creation of a kayak park, development of a nature trail and the planned installation of solar panels on a historic theatre. These initiatives not only bring a sense of civic pride but are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike while valorizing outdoor recreation and protecting the environment.

Cascade Falls Suspension Bridge $225,000 British Columbia
Friendship Trail Bridge $500,000 British Columbia
Support free shuttle services carrying canoes upstream on the Portneuf River $20,000/year for the life of the project Quebec
Wi-Fi Internet Access for residents of Upper Squamish Valley provided through Ashlu Creek Foundation $80,000 British Columbia

Infrastructure Investment

As our projects are located mainly in regions far from major urban areas, the long-term economic impacts we bring often extend beyond the requirements and commitments we disclose. Investing in new or upgraded infrastructure initiatives helps build the long-lasting relationships that Innergex has long been recognized for. Whether upgrading or developing new roadways, bridges or parking lots that help access natural areas, Innergex has not only invested in local projects that immediately benefit the local community on a day-to-day basis, but also support their economic growth.

Tax Income

Our facilities generate substantial tax revenues, through land use, construction and operational activities, and day-to-day business activities, for the jurisdictions in which they operate. Innergex continues to engage in responsible tax practices and provides transparency to both its shareholders and applicable regulatory bodies. Our filings are audited by an independent third party and presented on a quarterly basis and each year at our Annual General Meeting in May.

Career Opportunities

Innergex is always on the lookout for new talent. Throughout all stages of development and day-to-day operations, recruiting highly skilled and passionate individuals is a high priority for our Human Resources team. Our operations provide quality, long-term and well-paying jobs in local communities. We strive to contribute to local vocational schools for training opportunities and also make efforts to employ an Indigenous workforce on relevant projects.

Our international presence, diversified portfolio of assets, and emerging expertise in developing technologies means we have opportunities in a forward-looking sector that both challenges and supports an individual’s skills and aspirations.
To view our current opportunities or submit a resumé visit Careers.


Innergex’s policies are designed to guide the Corporation and its employees to ensure compliance in all aspects of its business. These policies ensure the sustainable growth of the Corporation through supporting employees with information-sharing and training, providing transparency with shareholders and the public, and clearly laying out the Corporation’s vision for ethical and acceptable behaviour. The policies are reviewed on an annual basis and are updated accordingly.