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A growing and diversified portfolio of high-quality assets

Innergex’s diverse and expanding portfolio of operating assets consists of facilities that generate renewable energy from hydro, wind, and solar sources, as well as energy storage facilities. We conduct operations in four countries including Canada, the United States, France and Chile.

In 2020, we powered the equivalent of
households with clean, renewable energy1

1. Based on Innergex’s 2020 Production Proportionate in each country in which we operate, divided by the local average household consumption, with data from the World Energy Council (2014).

The Corporation’s Management analyzes the results and manages operations based on the type of technology resulting in different cost structures and skill set requirements for the operating teams. The Corporation consequently has three operating segments: hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation and solar power generation.

Indicator Unit Hydro Wind Solar Corporate Total 2020 Total 2019 Change 2020 over 2019 (%) Change 2018 Change 2019 over 2018 (%)
Number of facilities # 37 32 6 75 68 10.3% 66 3.0%
Gross installed capacity1 MW 1,181 2,117 396 3,694 3,488 5,9% 2,888 20,8%
Net installed capacity2 MW 797 1,575 370 2,742 2,588 6.0% 1,988 30.2%
Production Proportionate3,4 GWh 3,372 5,414 804 9,590 8,022 19.5% 6,362 26.1%
Revenues Proportionate3,4 M$ 293.5 435.8 52.2 781.5 698.0 12.0% 583.8 19.6%
Adjusted EBITDA Proportionate3,4 M$ 223.7 351.3 40.3 (55.0)5 560.3 516.8 8.4% 428.7 20.6%

1. Gross installed capacity is the total capacity of all Operating Facilities of Innergex, including non-wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures and associates.
2. Net installed capacity is the proportional share of the total capacity attributable to Innergex based on its ownership interest in each facility.
3. Production Proportionate, Revenues Proportionate and Adjusted EBITDA Proportionate as reported in the Corporation’s 2020 Annual Report.
4. These measures are not recognized measures under IFRS and therefore may not be comparable to those presented by other issuers. Please refer to the “Non-IFRS Measures” section of this report for more information.
5. General and Administrative expenses and Prospective expenses.
Note: Results from continuing operations.

As at February 25, 2021

Our assets are young with
a weighted average age of:
8.1 Years.

Weighted average remaining life
of power purchase agreements (PPA):
14.2 Years1.

1. Remaining weighted average life of PPAs, excluding projects under construction and in development, before consideration of renewal options.

Average Plant Availability Factor

This metric allows us to gauge the availability of our equipment to produce electricity. Reasons for facilities or components of facilities to be unavailable can include being offline for maintenance purposes, repairs or lack of energy source.

Year Hydro Wind Solar
2020 94% 96% 96%
2019 98% 97% 99%
2018 96% 96% 96%

Note: Includes all operational facilities.
Note: Numbers are prorated based on the Long-Term Average (LTA) of each facility.
Note: For 2018, data excludes: Spartan, Flat Top and Pampa Elvira as we only have partial or no data on the availability during their acquisition/commissioned period in 2018.
Note: Hydroelectric and solar facilities and some wind farms apply an energy-based availability factor, while some wind farms apply a time-based availability calculation.