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Sustainability Reporting Initiative


Our growth strategy is purposely linked to people and our planet

For over 30 years, Innergex has believed in a world where abundant renewable energy promotes healthier communities and creates shared prosperity. Sustainable growth at Innergex means both the health and well-being of people and our planet are the key considerations when planning the future direction of the Corporation. We are guided by a clear set of values to generate sustainable wealth for our employees, our shareholders, our partners, and the communities where we conduct operations. This model has guided us since our inception in 1990 and continues to drive our strategy today.

2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan

Between 2020 and 2025 Innergex will continue to prosper by favouring organic growth combined with strategic acquisitions that create significant value for its current and future shareholders.

By 2025, Innergex will have continued its growth as a Canadian incubated, global renewable energy leader. It will have expanded its position in its current markets and maintained diversification of assets in terms of geography, technology, customers and contract terms. Innergex will have pursued active project development with the aim of becoming an expert in energy storage.
Innergex will focus on balancing People, Our Planet, and Prosperity as it pursues the following objectives for the years 2020-2025:

  • Grow Responsibly – focus its growth on current markets and target opportunities in neighbouring ones
  • Build Expertise – Become an expert in deploying energy storage technologies
  • Optimize Operations – Leverage expertise and innovation to maximize returns from its high-quality assets
  • Diversify Activities – Increase diversification of the Corporation’s activities and assets

Operating Assets

Sustainable Investments